Mountain Archery Festival​​​

Mountain Madness Competition


When you come to a Mountain Archery Festival Competition you will soon discover that it is a supportive environment full of great staff and likeminded competitors.  Everyone there, regardless of age, gender, or skill level are there because they love archery, competition and want to test themselves.

The Mountain Madness competition will take place on the Initial Ascent course.

There will be a 150 shooter cap for this competition between the 5 Divisions. 
Open Pro Class- known
Shoot any setup
No restrictions
Mens/Womens Hunter class- known
Fixed Pins or movable sights
Must be a hunting set up
Mens/Womens Traditional- known
No pins
No releases
Youth boys/girls- Ages 12-17- known
12’ Stabilizer
Fixed pins
No scopes
ASA General Rules Apply minus Bow speeds

Range finders allowed

Event Day:
You will be checking in between 7-8am at which time you will be picking up your event packet and 3D score cards. Next, you will be attending a mandatory competitor meeting where the event director will be welcoming you, giving you a layout of what the day will look like, as well as the specifics of the 3-D Course. There is plenty of time for questions and the directors will make sure that everyone is clear about the competition and how the event will be scored.
You will be assigned a heat and made aware of what target to start on.

Competition Course Details:
There will be 25 Kirsch 3-D targets. THIS COMPETITION IS ONLY ONE ROUND. Competitors are required to shoot all 25 targets to complete the competition. Targets will vary from 3-65 yards with Traditional yardages at 45 yard maximum.
The competitive course does not require using the Ski Lift.
After all shooters finish the course and turn in score cards we will take the TOP 8 of each Division and have a shoot off! The shoot off will take place at 5pm.
Top 8 shooters will shoot a Double elimination bracket until we crown our top 3 shooters. Top 8 will shoot at Base area in front of the days spectators at 3 Targets, each shooting 1 arrow at each target for score. In the instance of a tie you will shoot until tie is broken.
1st place- $500 or 6.7% of Registration
2nd place $175 or 2.3% of Registration
3rd place $75 or 1% of Registration
Adult Division is $50 per person.
Youth Division is $20 per person.

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